Monday, December 1, 2008

happy thanksgiving, this is fucked up

not sure i had the best holiday, hope your guys' was better

its nice to see family and get together with them, but this one was a, dogs, parents everywhere. i dont know all the little kids names, and i dont know all the dogs names, so i couldnt tell who was yelling at who. i think there might have been a dog and a kid with the same name, because otherwise there was a dog with shitty table manners or a kid who wouldnt get off a rug

i tried setting up the projector in an office and getting a quiet 5 minutes but FUCK THAT, that wasnt happening...the door kept flying open and whiting out the movie, and i had to chase 2 or 3 cousins out every time i turned around. plus you could hear these kids screaming and bashing shit over the sound of the PROJECTOR. andy was a trooper and tried to quiet everybody down for a quick luck

i tried conning andy into letting me have the projector and going home with it, but he said the fam that was staying with him wanted to watch old reels together and it had to stay with him. it meant i had to stick around until all the kids were put down for the night and everyone else left...which meant i was stuck hanging around during CLEAN UP, meaning i had to help scrub about a billion dishes and wipe up the kids table and sweep their area and all that bullshit. i mean, i didn't HAVE to...but if youre gonna be there and asking for a favor, you cant sit around just reading a magazine waiting for everyone else to stop working so you can goof off...unless youre my gf. tyvm for all the help, lazy broad

i FINALLY got to shoot the film upstairs waaay late, and believe me when i tell you this shit is FUCKED UP. i dont know if its some kind of goof or serious propaganda or what, but it looks cool as shit, really wanna upload it.......

except i left my firewire cable at work

i got home and realized i cant upload from my camera, so ive been sitting on this vid since thurs night just waiting to get to work and show you guys this shit. its AMAZING. i googled a bunch of stuff and jumped around youtube and couldnt find anything like it, so i hope this is something new

as a matter of fact, i got SO excited, i got to work and realized i left my camera AT HOME

fuck fuck shittity fuck shit fuck rihkerwghp98h3jgksdbnkdshgu34hdskjbsdkfbjlsoipwg

so this shit doesnt happen to me again only in reverse, i already crammed the firewire cable in my bag and took my bag out to my car, so even if i forget EVERYTHING ELSE, at least ill be going home with it. hopefully ill upload it tonight. you guys are going to love this


George F.K. said...

Upload that sucker!

I'm really interested to see what you've got there. You've made it sound incredible.

stir.max.alot said...

i'm excited

VERY excited

L-Scott said...

YOU'RE excited? Feel these nipples!!!

My groin is all aquiver.

Not *A* quiver, mind you. Not the thing you keep arrows in, but for the record I would like to establish that my groin IS just as long, deadly and well armed. However, if I had to establish for you right now the kind of tool or implement that best exemplifies MY SCHLONG, I would call it a fulcrum. Like, right now, I am so engorged with anticipation that I could lie face down (rigid as a board), teetering on my redwood-like dongitute, and we could use fishing weights on the back of my head and on my heels to determine their balance along a length of whatever (I don't know what fulcrums do because, honestly, who fucking cares except for kids and fulcrumologists and a Crouching Tigerlady who has to carry melons on the end of her swords?).

No, right now, my groin is aquiver with tremors and desire, like I am right on the edge of exploding with orgasm, like my entire pelvic area (or, as I like to call it, FUCKING GROUND ZERO) is shuddering with seismic and escape-velocity level eagerness for pleasure.


L-Scott said...


George F.K. said...

I know how it is, baby.

Tell you what you do: you just start your countdown, and old Bucky'll be back here before you can say "Blast off!"

L-Scott said...

Yo, GFK, I'm heading for the "out door" right about now, but that's because the work day's over. Not because I enjoy any taint love.

That might be the way you play, but I'm sorry I don't play that way.

George F.K. said...

Great, now you run from me.