Saturday, December 6, 2008

finally got more footage up

(not just talking about the footage in my pants)

okay guys, i have had a HELL of a saturday...all according to the gf's evil plans to steal all my weekends from me forever...and i am uploading this thing and sprinting for a bar

i wish this sucker answered more questions than it makes me ask...but it sucks that it doesnt. that film is really looking bad. there are bits that seem like theyre gonna break off at any second, so i tried to film a bit that looked like it was going to be pretty good...there were a lot of false starts in there. i figured you didnt want to hear me yelling at shit breaking or watch clips that were 11 seconds long. this is the best stretch

theres a lot of that Higgins guy again

we open with the spruce moose, then a lake i think...

about 25 secs in theres a FUCKING COOL scene with a rat

CNOPBLI! its what plants crave...a ton of people on fire...BAPNN -- you get it from planes

some dude gets OWNED with a flagpole in the FACE after getting seriously fucked up by someone

get this though...its a SOVIET flag...and the flag dude has a GAS MASK

after that the CNOPBLI spreads across america like death...VERY creepy

i hope this is enough for you guys to sink your teeth into because getting any kind of long clips off this reel is going to be hard...its just falling apart depending on where we are on it, and i cant sit and refeed it forever to try to get it going again. tell me you guys can get stuff out of this much because im not sure how much more i can get out of the reel without fucking up something really cool that we might not get to see again...also, i do you think im off base not taking this in somewhere? do you have a guess if its valuable??


George F.K. said...

Given that I've already written up a totally inebriate analysis of your new video post, it should be pretty obvious that I appreciate your having shared it. But I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your having gone to so much effort to get it pieced together and filmed and uploaded. It sounds like it's been an absolute nightmare for you just to get thirty seconds of uninterrupted footage in one run through, and when you combine that with the commute to see family and then the sudden responsibilities that come from interacting with family itself, it's just got to be a welter of headaches that most of the rest of us would run away from without hesitation. I don't mean to be emotionally overwrought here; I just want to make sure you know that I (and I'm sure Max and LS) understand and appreciate your effort on every single one of these clips.

Also, you should email me your Amazon Wish List, because it's Christmas — and because you deserve a reward, and I can't actually pick up your bar tab online.

George F.K. said...

I completely forgot to answer your questions.

Yes, I think it's potentially valuable depending on what's on the rest of the reel. Not having seen it before, I'd be lying if I tried to say anything one way or the other with authority, but I don't think you can ignore the potential that the rest of the reel might have additional footage that could be of tremendous value. I certainly don't think you should destroy this just to watch it, but I'm still leery about the idea of your taking it to a restorer and having the person make their own copy of it and start shopping it around. You found this: you should reap the benefits of it.

For now, are there any preservationist actions you could take? I was thinking that maybe you could scan portions of the film instead of feeding it into a projector that might potentially damage the film with its heat. It would take forever to do actual movie scans, but I think all of us would be just as happy to see further isolated still images. This assumes, of course, that you could somehow reel the film out without damaging it and get it into a scanner.

Don't take me as an authority here, though. I'm just brainstorming, and obviously you know the conditions you're working under better than I do.