Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Giant-Ass Ice Shelf Makes a Break for It

Apparently something like a 414-square km ice shelf broke off the Wilkins Ice Shelf off antarctica.

I guess it's goal is to become mayor of Sunnydale until it can start the Ascension.

I don't know about you, but when chunks of ice smaller than Philly start breaking off continents, I know I'm thinking 1 thing and 1 thing only: global warming is such total bullshit.

Monday, March 24, 2008

found films monday - 1 person chutes, 0 dead, 0 fed

turns out my found films seem like standard family fare. looks like an xmas spread and then a trip to a local slide park or something??? does anyone know what that is? ok lemme break this shit down, slide first

i dont understand this stuff. i grew up with HEAT, so when we went sliding, we went with water. this looks like an overgrown playground...someone pumped the local slide on steroids...only you have to go down on a protective mat and go you straight down and thats all that happens. wtf?

when was this cool? i bet you even have to WAIT IN LINE to go down a slide straight...on a protective mat...nowhere...jesus i hope nobody had to pay for this. going here instead of a local park sounds like going to the library and paying to check out the same book you were going to get anyway...only the book is 2 feet tall!!!

this ones even weirder to me. it starts off with this real eggheady guy who doesnt really look like hes in the christmas spirit of fun but instead real serious. like maybe hes trying really hard not to point out which box he wrapped for his brother...you know, the one with headgear in it. no dinosaur action figures or bb guns when love means orthodontistry. then again who knows. maybe this kid secretly collected daggers. that would be pretty badass. all i know is that hes the only thing happening, because next we pan to a table

thats it


tables are neat and all, and i love a good set table when family is about to TEAR THE SHIT out of some roast beast, but we got nothing to work with here. i cant even make fun of cranberry sauce shaped like the can

finally at the end, we pan over to some hotness, but we get about two seconds of the hot lady. the hell???

i dont know whats going on here. in my family, you bring the camera out because everyone youre related to is an idiot. you have to show andy almost set himself on fire when he grills the salmon and puts some oil on it OVER THE FLAME. you have to show ariel hoppin around when shes wearing a tiara, because shes young enough that shell hop up and down if you tell her to, but then the tiara bops off and bonks her on the nose. you gotta show tim because hell blow smoke into the camera. and you gotta show dave because hell try to wave the camera off when hes taking the last of the coffee and TOTALLY isnt making any more because hes THAT guy and always will BE THAT GUY.

wheres that? i wanna see that, and im not even in the damn family

its a nice table, and that lady definitely BRINGS IT, and im pretty sure that kid has his heart in the right place, but finding these videos and just seeing things like tables, or someones shed (i found this one i didnt even bother uploading because it was literally three minutes of a guy crabwalking around his fucking SHED and filming it in pure grainy SURROUND) is really making me want to give this up. i know most of these buys at garage sales are a couple bucks a pop, but i could get a CASSINGLE by "Cutting Crew" for the same amount and still have something i could listen to in my truck

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

found some other stuff

ill try to get it uploaded ASAP, but the basic story is that the gf and i went out on another barfgain mission this weekend, and while she racked up the values, i picked through whatever else was there. i got a couple filmstrips, but they werent labeled, so i cant tell you anything...except that im sick and tired of being tired on my weekend. i cant imagine what its going to be like when we arent renting anymore and have to go bargain hunting AND take care of the house. when do i get my beer and madden? that should happen at least one night EVERY weekend. period.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Commie horse in gasmask

how cool is this? the horse in the gasmask i mean...the rest just terrifies me...people dancing around and making fanfare about creating the means of ending the world...not so cool

Monday, March 3, 2008


just kidding. check it out

tons of things wrong with this

first up, sounds like roger moore is narrating it...i cant prove it, and im not looking through a couple hundred fucktarded youtube comments to see if someone pointed this out...but it sounds like some british tv series on "MYSTERIES OF UFOS!" with shitty footage and spooky music and a bunch of scary shit about nothing

the proof this is a ufo is supposedly that it can dive into the clouds...so can jet fighters.

look at this photo

now go back and look at the video for the few seconds before this timestamp and a few seconds after

youll see the size of the "ufo" increases in terms of height. sort of like seeing a jet fighter way off in the distance from the side and watching it...ROLL OVER COUNTERCLOCKWISE DOWNWARD INTO A DIVE. the side of a jet fighter, thin. seeing the whole bottom of it as it rolls over, wider...

end of mystery

this is bullshit, and its the sort of bullshit that only gives skeptics about the current "line" on ufos a bad name.