Monday, December 1, 2008

pink floyd goes to war all fucked up in russia

ok, so heres the motherbitch...i cant believe it took me this long to get it up (all up in your blog).

i dont even know what to tell you about this. its like watching The Wall high as shit, only its not The Wall, and ive never seen it before, and its actually kind of fucking scary if youre in an empty office with the projector going clickclackclickclack over and over alone

i KNOW what you guys are going to bitch about though, so let me get this off my chest RIGHT NOW. i threaded the film in the projector and started going and realized id left my camera downstairs with the gf.

so i have NO idea how far into the strip we came in

i was running around downstairs trying to find her...i found her on the back porch, but she said shed left the camera in her bigass purse by the i had to find that. that was a HUGE help considering her purse is BIGGER THAN GOD...i spent another minute just throwing away wads of tampons and an old EXTRA CELL PHONE before i got the camera that i guess she managed to cram at the VERY BOTTOM OF THE BAG. i got it and went upstairs and fired it up and started recording

trouble is, this film is OLD. i got about a minute recorded before it NOT get on my case for this. i had no idea...i thought i had the camera with me at the time...and i really didnt sweat missing a few seconds because i thought theyd be all credits

fire away...its late and i need sleeeeeeeep

UPDATE: i added 2 stills i snapped with my point and shoot....the embedded video quality blows...


George F.K. said...

Wow, you weren't kidding. I'm totally and completely taken aback. I don't even know where to begin with it. I checked it out first thing this morning, but I'm still overwhelmed with the post-break work backlog that accumulated since last Tuesday, so I haven't had the time necessary to devote to any real sustained thought about it. As soon as things taper off here, or maybe when I get home, I'll try to piece together something. Like I said, I really don't know where to begin. This thing could be all over the timeline, historically speaking, and that's before we even really get to the visuals about it.

Thanks so much, E.C. You've knocked this one completely out of the park.

stir.max.alot said...

if the video quality sucks so much, get a youtube account, stupid. cool vid though. more...

stir.max.alot said...

btw, what was that last shot before you broke the film? maybe you should let a photo or video place handle this.

L-Scott said...

Thank god Georgie-boy made the "fuck me, I'm busy" comment first so I don't feel like such a whiny motherfucker for saying the same thing. It's a great video, ec, slam-dunk. (I agree with everything G. said about it. I don't know where to start either.) But like him I've been totally slammed today with just this wave of backlogged shit leftover from Thanksgiving. I was expecting it all to come in yesterday, but I guess they were just teasing us on Monday. Everything's hitting the fan now. I'll try to say something before I get outta here today, but I may wind up just piggybacking on someone else's comments if they get to it first.

Aside from that, I gotta ask, a watermark??? Seriously? Who the fuck is going to steal this shit? As far as I know, this blog lives in a hole buried on the deep side of a trench on an uninhabited island of the coast of Fuck Nowhere.

L-Scott said...

Whoa, that's what I get for starting this comment an hour ago and then not checking back. I get to miss MaxiPad commenting on a heavy-flow day.

Hey, Max, if you've got a bug up your ass about the video compression so bad, why don't you publish a post about it?

Thhhpppttt! Nyeah nyeah.

ex.contrail said...

lol, ls

thanks everybody, actually. i just got really lucky, but i suppose i was due after picking up a bunch of duds. im just glad this wasnt another picture of mom and dad and billy and sue and aunt pearl riding on the tractor and then going to the factory


1. youre a buddy, but seriously kiss my ass
2. i dont know what i have here, so i dont want to share it with youtube just yet
3. i dont know what i have here, so i dont want to hand it over to some stranger just yet

the watermark? i dont know. i guess i just got carried away. we have to put them on every image at work, so its kind of habit at this point. but id be blowing smoke if i didnt admit that im really pumped about the film. i dont know shit about it right now (paging GFK!), but i know i got it. its mine. you cant have it. go away. not yours. i think the watermark thing kind of came out of that a little bit

if you make me stop and think about it seriously though, i dont think anyones stealing it. at least not from here. does anyone even read this?

George F.K. said...


I don't know if anyone reads this. I know that, for my part, no one I know does. About a year ago, I misguidedly sent out a mass email to a dozen friends or so who I thought might be interested in reading it or intermittently adding a post here or there, but the only fruit that bore was a couple, "So how long have you been crazy?" emails. Bottom line: none of my friends or family are reading, and I haven't prostituted our stuff out to anyone.

Around about our first anniversary, I started to get a little down about how little interest we'd generated, so I tried brainstorming some solutions, but none of them seemed satisfactory. I did get sort of bored a few weeks back and add this to a couple blog-listing sites, just to see what sort of like-minded blogs we might get listed with, but that didn't amount to much either. Every time I clicked on the "if you liked this blog, why not check out this other blog?" links, I got directed to people who legitimately are crazy.

I realize this is sort of roundabout, but I suppose what I'm trying to say is that you probably needn't be paranoid that someone's gonna videojack you. For months, I'd boneheadedly checked the "do not allow browsers to crawl this blog" box, so I'd be really surprised if you had any followers looking to snatch away your found films, EC. That said, we don't have any contact info up, and I've never enabled commenting on the posts, so I've literally no way of really knowing if anyone actually is following your posts. So, yes, theoretically, you have reason to be paranoid, but only if you consider a complete absence of any indicators that you should be worried to be reason enough to be paranoid.

George F.K. said...

Oops, meant to add this but forgot: if any of you guys really want me to add any "let's get attention" features, I certainly can. I'm just lazy by nature and have never seen much reason to make the effort. I could enable comments pretty quickly and easily, if you'd like.

L-Scott said...

For fuck's sake, no. I don't need to come here to see some 14 year-old who's taken time off from playing Bioshock and jacking off into the his copy of "The Fountainhead" to tell me "all this shits is faaaaaaagz." That's what I have the rest of the fucking internet for.

George F.K. said...

Gotcha. I'll throw another padlock on the place and try to keep the teenage assholes out.

Also, I'll throw a new post up later tonight with as much breakdown as I can muster. This comment thread's getting a little crowded.