Tuesday, May 13, 2008

massive quake hits china

didnt we just have one of these?

i feel horrible for the chinese people...while theres no way you can blame an earthquake on their completely fucked-up environmental policies, youve gotta think they cant be helping. you can just picture shocks like this creating mudslides due to their massive erosion, cracking deep mines, opening up crevasses that dump all kinds of shit into their groundwater

china sort of amazes me because it seems like they manage to have the fucking worst parts of statist government and gilded age style raping of everything...like, entire regions and local cultures getting wiped out for dams, hillsides washing away under erosion, then you've got everyone basically breathing the equivalent of tailpipe exhaust and working for 10 cents per day in some collapsible shithole

on the other hand, i guess i just want to make jokes like, "so this is what happens when Dragon Meets Phoenix...gotta be a lotta un-Happy Family goin around"

Friday, May 9, 2008

Okay, So Let's Talk MKUltra

Since this has come up in a few of the most recent posts, let's talk about it. Created in the early 1950s and lasting (allegedly) up until about 1973, the CIA's MKUltra program sought to develop new technologies in mind control, hypnosis, behavioral modification, etc.

Some say the narrative begins with Operation Paperclip, the American intelligence community's program to harvest as many Nazi scientists, doctors and engineers as possible (and cynically capitalize on knowledge gleaned from their atrocities-disguised-as-experiments, while also keeping these men out of the hands of the Soviets). Others say it was inspired by POWs from the Korean Conflict, who'd been broken and distorted by the Chinese, Russians and North Koreans.

Here's all you really need to know:

1. It was real.
2. It was still bullshit anyway.

Yes, MKUltra probably killed people via accident or deliberate acts. Yes, it violated people's civil liberties. Yes, it may have poisoned their bodies and minds with chemicals administered without consent. Yes, it was part of a cover-up by Director Richard Helms (who destroyed almost all the files on it). It doesn't mean any of this shit works. It doesn't. Here's why:

1. It Relied on Agents for Science
A lot of time you had field men administering this junk, often doing it in the field, often without any control group, often within social settings where you've got a billion variables going on. Most of what we know about MKUltra was ultra-unscientific. You can put protons in a linear accelerator and fire them at each other, but if you've got the two dudes from Bartles & Jaymes watching the dials, they're going to thank you for your support and tell you something useless. MKUltra was morally and socially disgusting in a society of law and liberty, but it also managed to be an appalling demonstration of Bad Science.

2. It Relied on Belief in Hypnotism
Hynotism is bullshit. If it weren't, you'd see it all the time. Since you don't, what does that tell you? There'd by hypnosis rape cases, hypnosis burglaries, hypnosis-forced-suicides. It wouldn't just be a Vegas show or on the Sci-Fi channel. When a huge wing of your science boils down to "things from the carnival are real!" then you're not learning anything. The only way you can believe that hypnosis as it related to MKUltra meant anything is if you can believe there's a secret society of people who have this ability and who are kept out of public light by the government or hypnotize their way out of detection. Since almost every hypnotist you're ever going to meet is a grifter or a flake, you can either bury your head in conspiracy or wake up to this being another demonstration of BAD SCIENCE.

3. It Relied on Shoddy Psychology
At the time, what we knew about personality disorders and other forms of abnormal psych was about a tenth as much as we know today. Considering we know slightly more than jack about that now, again, NOT something to base all your science on. Unless you like (you guessed it) BAD SCIENCE.

4. It Relied on LSD and MDA for Behavioral Sabotage and Control
Have you ever tried controlling someone on acid? Seriously? Come on. MDA (related to MDMA) was used to make people feel euphoric and blab or lose inhibitions, but like booze and other drugs, it basically worked on people who were the type of people to talk and not on the type of people who didn't. Meaning that it did nothing significant. With acid, they could induce panic in some people, not in others. Again, it's an unpredictable and unproductive effect that usually depends on the person.

In summary, any time your big conspiracy against the American people is being run by guys without training, using Vegas act techniques for their science, going off pop-psych about MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES and powered by LSD, you're going to come up with a bunch of bullshit.

That video LS linked plays right into all this stuff. People believe it counts as science because they want to believe it does, just as much as the CIA did. And to prove it that guy who made the video has a bunch of popular movie clips and pop-psych explanations and then puts in some SPOOOOOOKY images, but it doesn't tell you anything you couldn't dream up after sticking a fork in half your brain.

MKUltra is significant because of what it says about our government — not because of what its results said at all.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

CIA's secret weapon -- German director dead for 32 years

i'm getting a little tired of all the jokes about me never posting, because it's just untrue. i post all the time. i am a master at posting. ask your wives and girlfriends.

lol, j/k. they wouldn't know what a good posting is anyway.


seriously, though, i will never post again, except this one time when i need to hyperlink and post lots of images

if you know much classic silent film, that video LS posted is truly pathetic. in the middle of talking about mind control and bizarre experiments and MKULTRA, they show this:

it's from fucking METROPOLIS. the evil technology the CIA is on the brink of letting loose on the world is from the special effects from a silent film made 81 years ago.

if you don't believe me, check out this list of metropolis characters and scroll down to ROTWANG AND HIS ROBOT. rotwang, the classic mad scientist, builds a robot that he designs to look exactly like the lover who left him.

it's a really great movie, and everyone should see it at least once. it's good for us to remember that some of the people who cared the most about society and equality in the 20s and 30s were the GERMANS. it isn't fair their legacy got hijacked by a bunch of loonies. which is what pisses me the fuck off about seeing cool images from this great movie being used by another bunch of fucking loonies


Holy Fucking Rabbit Hole, Batman

Holy shit! Did you guys click the links embedded on the video E.C. just posted? If you're on the youtube page and click on the video.google link underneath the profile of the user who uploaded it, you get this:

I don't even know where to begin with this. But I know where to end. After about five minutes.

First of all, these people act like microwave technologies are some sort of terrible secret, when that's not the case. I wish I could find it right now, but it's down (GFK, tell me you have it somewhere), but the New Yorker did a HUGE article last year or so on all kinds of alternate law enforcement methods. I remember reading a bunch of references to it after the DON'T TASE ME, BRO kid hit youtube. Basically it said what everyone else in the mainstream media and government has said: "Effective microwave technology? I WISH!" It followed a retired U.S. military officer who was also an LAPD consultant. The guy kept coming back to the same themes, like, "Alt. tech. is too costly" or "too cumbersome" or "too unreliable" or "not targeted enough" etc.

But you still get articles like this one and videos like the one linked above, saying it's all true. Usually based on eyewitness or "victim" statements. But the victim statements, especially for microwave weapons and sonic confusion devices and all that jazz all usually wind up saying the same thing:

1. I was in a crowd of protesters.
2. Something happened.
3. I got scared.
4. I got nauseous.

Well no shit. You were in a tense situation with lots of people yelling and pushing and maybe tear gas. No fucking shit you got nauseous. The thing is, if you're in an environment where reacting like that physically is TOTALLY NATURAL, turning around and blaming the FEDRAL GUMMYMINT for using mind bullets on you is fucking retarded. Maybe they should use Occam's Razor on you, at least because you'd think it was some weird new technology no one had seen before.

I could have put all this in a comment on E.C.'s piece, but blogger - Fuck Blogger - won't let me embed video code there, or post these AWESOME PICTURES.

The best thing about the video I posted is the pictures. Half of them seem like someone just posting whatever shows up on Google Image Search for "crazy," "rape," CIA" and "mind control." It's a constant rotisserie of trying too hard and not trying hard enough at all. Like someone flipped a coin between driving their point home and driving it into the ground accidentally. The other half is taken from video games and movies and public domain stuff. Just incredible.

Check it out:

I had the sound off, but I'm pretty sure this has something to do with Howard Hughes' preteen love-slave rape protocols.




I'm not kidding. That last picture is literally in the video. No, I don't have any fucking idea what it means

Monday, May 5, 2008

human radiation experiments

totally disgusting video from a moral perspective...im just killing time and trying to make the clock move fast here today, so i started skipping around youtube...i think i started with "cat playing piano" and wound up here inside 10 steps

the video is pretty low budget, and i think someones just reading a chpater from a book over it (i dont know if its his own book though, or a valid textbook)...the reader also stumbles a couple times. and the slideshow is pretty amateurish...you could whip this up in iPhoto and garageband pretty easy at home, almost tempted to try my hand just because i could mix this so much better but nvm

most of the stuff looks legit...the first case they open up with is elmer allen, and you can find proof of his being involved in these tests on a US.gov website, so the info is solid

i already knew about domestic radiation testing on people; i wrote an article about it in high school -- all those prisoners who got tested and experimented on without consent (iirc just because they were prisoners), pictures of them holding up their penises and showing the black scars like burned hamburgers where their balls used to be

pretty sure you guys already know all about this stuff, but it hits home hard again when you put faces and bodies to the experiments. seeing elmer is pretty depressing...

also, these pictures are pretty amazing

the fact that the military didnt even give a shit about the health of its own soldiers pretty much tells you all you need to know about how they felt about civilians