Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blogger Error (Again)

Hi, guys. It looks like the Blogger code error that happened to LS before happened to me this time. What I posted yesterday was eaten up, and I know Max couldn't add any content anywhere. I don't know if I have the heart to rewrite my post, but I left a brief comment on LS's most recent post just so he'd have a reply after his apology. I've written to the Help Center, but their solution seems to be, "Delete whatever creates a problem." It's an easy fix, but that's like setting your house on fire because the roof leaks.


L-Scott said...


While my manhood isn't exactly tickled at the prospect of more posting disappearing, I AM pleased to find out the reason people weren't replying to me WASN'T because they thought I was some kind of giant dicklord.

Only in the social sense, of course.

stir.max.alot said...

i've believed all along that this is a vast conspiracy to keep me from posting

seriously, i was wondering what was going on. i sent gfk an IM asking about it yesterday, because even the comments section was getting bitchy with me. i tried logging in on the blogger page and getting directed straight to the new posts, but the comment option wouldn't load at all. i eventually gave up and was just going to start a new post (go on, mock), but i guess right then is when gfk fried whatever it was he fried, because even that wasn't working for me

i guess from now on i'm writing everything in advance in Word and saving it