Saturday, November 8, 2008

Polygon (Firing Range) Полигон

i cant believe this was made in 1978, but it reminds me of newer computer animation that is stylized to look like handdrawn animation....

a scientist bent on revenge makes an artificially intelligent tank that targets fear, and of course it turns on him in the end...great story barring the cheesy flashbacks, but just watch it for the animation...i cant even imagine how long it took them to airbrush each frame...


L-Scott said...

Liveblogging this sumbitch too

- Ahahahahahahahahahaha the music they use on this island is the exact same jazz song from the "Police Academy" movies whenever someone got tricked into going to the Blue Oyster Bar

Here click ahead to 1:00


- Uh oh, looks like these mustachioed tough guys are going to have to resort to sunbleached sodomy.

- Rats, there are islanders. Well, let's not rule anything out just yet.

- Hey apparently that "Blue Oyster Bar" song is called "El Bimbo." HELL YES.

- One of these guys has a kid made out of SOLID GOLD.

- Like all super-advanced telepathic weaponry, this one is activated by use of SKELETON KEY. That reminds me of my computer that I turn on by filling different winch-borne capsules with water to slowly "tell time" via discreet leaks in the capsules, eventually leading to puddles in canals which knock over pegs on the hour, eventually toppling a mechanical rooster that pecks the ON button.

- Ahahahaha, fuck you, you imperialist pigs! You wouldn't need to create an attack machine powered by fear if you didn't have oppressive colonial intentions! Just like you wouldn't have needed mosquito-net and HAT technologies!!!

- This is the only weapon in the world that would be totally ineffective against Buddhists and people who were really fucking high.

- The foley work in this film is really, really good. Atmospherically it's just doing a ton. I'd praise the animation, but that's already been done. The two go really well together.

- I stopped making fun of this b/c it got really GOOD in the middle and is actually a really thoughtful video. Then again, the end with the peaceful, idyllic islanders is really hokey.

George F.K. said...

This is exactly the sort of movie I want to watch if I'm ever trapped in a leather bar and forced into a tango with someone who looks like an über-butch Ponch.

stir.max.alot said...

you guys knock yourselves out, i'm going to go make a speech at a podium and see if anything comes up