Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm so fucking drunk right now.

Nothing will ever be like 2004. When Foulke flipped it to Mientkiewicz, I was pretty sure I heard every person in my neighborhood and for three neighborhoods over totally explode in joy. But this was pretty fucking incredible. I think I heard at least ten surrounding buildings. It probably would have been louder but I bet each network called things at slightly different times.

Who cares? I just went on a parade with about ten other people over about half the city. It was like we were doing kick return coverage or something; we kept running into tons of people dancing and running around, but we kept this wedge formation going on. Maybe we were protecting the booze. Nobody's going to work tomorrow.

I have to go to bed, but a toast before I go. I shouldn't, but one more Jamey isn't going to kill me. No toast to HOPE — too vague. But as the scion of old ward heelers, as the great-nephew of a fixer and a crook and a man so twisted they're going to have to screw him into the ground at the funeral, fuck it: to no longer being scared shitless by my government.

Tomorrow, when I make a cell phone call, I'm just going to stop whoever I'm talking to at the moment so I can say, "Hey, you, crusted photophobic NSA golem listening to every fucking word of this. Start rewriting your resume, you crypto-fascist shitfuck."


L-Scott said...

So hungover, my skin aches.

Thank God we switched to bottles a while ago and Mrs. Cindy is no longer breast-feeding, because I think I woulda been shot and field dressed like a moose in my sleep if she couldn't have had a few ...




stir.max.alot said...

i'd like to thank some members of my family for thinning out my christmas gift list by sending me email forwards of TOTALLY HILARIOUS RACIST JOKES

ex.contrail said...

oh you got one of those too? i love those. theyre so fucking great. racism is bad, but I LOVE ironic racism. i cant wait for the ironic pictures of obama ironically eating ironic fried chicken and ironic watermelon


id like to thank south park for opening the door for this crap.

watch this:



someone pay me a fucking million dollars for teaching children to laugh at hate!!!!!!