Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Interplanetary Revolution

i love/hate this cartoon... this one makes very little sense and seems to meander off point alot...nazis fly a shoe to the moon, the moon's eyes turn into a kissing couple...what? ok... it's just awful...looks like a low budget emo vid made with a bootlegged copy of after effects by a kid on a cough syrup binge...oh well, enjoy it for its "historic value...."


L-Scott said...

Hmmm, how best to reply to this? Short essay? Multiple choice quiz about it where the answers for D. are all variations on "'s NUTS"? Insights about what it says about us as a culture right now? Fuck it. I'm liveblogging this one.

- Opening music rules. One criticism: should have accompanied sped-up black and white footage of two dudes with GIANT fucking mustaches walking away from each other bowlegged, then both drawing and shooting whoever was playing the piano. The music's good though, and should keep playing after that. Maybe played by the piano players ghost??? Make a note of it.

- "A tale of Comrade Cominternov." Ahaha, I KNOW that guy. He was the same dude who flew in the Unicef Squadron with Captain Nato, Lord UK, Baron von GDR, and Lt. Johnny USAF. I'm on the edge of my SEATO to find out what happens next!!!!

- Uh, it looks like a half-walrus half-lion is wearing a top hat and tuxedo and trying to eat all the air in the world. This is proof that the Commies were either the first Furries, or they thought Americans were the first Furries. I bet it's the former. I can just imagine some meeting of the Supreme Soviet where everyone dressed up like their favorite kind of giant capitalist leopards and yiffed like whoa. Best thing: with those eyebrows, Brezhnev didn't have to wear a costume.

- FACT: all Wallionruses are Nazis.

- FACT: capitalist tuxedo trolls literally drink the blood of workers. Also, have froghearts.

- FACT: the sight of Pravda will make any capitalist tuxedo troll's head grow its own broom.

- FACT: capitalist tuxedo trolls have asses like giant bubblebutt sluts (then go nuts).

- Here's something that I've always wondered: can you get high off Marxism-Leninism? I ask this because it seems like a pretty fucking significant chunk of these videos seem to be made on people who're just hooked up to an IV of high-powered acid, and yet they're also so very fucking faithful.

- Yesh, yesh, it's time to fly to outer space in a WINGTIP shoe. Ahahahaha. This is like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang made by people who are heavily armed.

- I'm not sure what the stars and spheres floating outside the workers' outer-space rocket are supposed to mean, but I know what they mean to me: I'm putting Lucky Charms on the fucking grocery list, that's what.

- Man the soviets are really mixed up when they're trying to make capitalists look like the bad guys by showing one of their ladies MAGICALLY GROWING HER BREASTS WITH HER MIND.

- I get that there's class warfare going on at the end here, but I don't get why there's a painting of Louis XV of France involved in it. As a matter of fact, I don't have a fucking clue what's going on.

- Sudden ghost pic of Lenin reveals it was HIS ghost playing piano all along!!!

Final Verdict: not enough boobs.

George F.K. said...

I wish this video were a lot clearer on what exactly is transpiring from scene to scene, because almost every scene seems to be pregnant with some serious sociopolitical meaning, especially as regards attitudes within Soviet Russia at the time. I know it's mainly an allegory for the Comintern and the global communist struggle, but that's probably the least probative aspect of it at this point. I'd like to know what each scene is specifically meant to designate because I think we could see a lot of ideational input from different factions within Russia as to how they think the Leninist Revolution should proceed. You get the feeling there were some Trotskyists in the mix who were advancing their agenda but definitely hedging some bets while they were at it.

stir.max.alot said...

i believe each boob should be sized according to MY needs