Monday, March 3, 2008


just kidding. check it out

tons of things wrong with this

first up, sounds like roger moore is narrating it...i cant prove it, and im not looking through a couple hundred fucktarded youtube comments to see if someone pointed this out...but it sounds like some british tv series on "MYSTERIES OF UFOS!" with shitty footage and spooky music and a bunch of scary shit about nothing

the proof this is a ufo is supposedly that it can dive into the can jet fighters.

look at this photo

now go back and look at the video for the few seconds before this timestamp and a few seconds after

youll see the size of the "ufo" increases in terms of height. sort of like seeing a jet fighter way off in the distance from the side and watching it...ROLL OVER COUNTERCLOCKWISE DOWNWARD INTO A DIVE. the side of a jet fighter, thin. seeing the whole bottom of it as it rolls over, wider...

end of mystery

this is bullshit, and its the sort of bullshit that only gives skeptics about the current "line" on ufos a bad name.


George F.K. said...

1. I'm almost totally positive that's Roger Moore.

2. IMDB says he was the host of "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files"

3. Your explanation for the movement seems right on, and it might be affected by the perspective of the camera. We don't know where it and the foreground MIG were going and would have a hard time gauging their movement.

stir.max.alot said...

sean connery was a much better ufo