Monday, April 14, 2008


So it says, and so I'm inclined to believe it. (Sorry that's not a video link; that's the credit page.) It's too much to think it's anything other than true. Even Hollywood doesn't make pictures this clunky.

The seduction from "evil foreign spies" is so obvious. Even the regular citizen at home in America could spy it from afar. The bribe, the woman suddenly touching the hand, the cabaret singer who wants to make love, the stranger on the plane who wants to know (in detail) results about the grain harvest in [insert state].

As a propaganda piece about the Soviets, it has no persuasion. As a propaganda piece from the Soviets, it has even less. As a spooky glimpse into the world of espionage for an average American audience, it's not even as interesting as popular film. As much as I might want to search for something else happening here, I'd be wrong. There isn't. There's just another bad idea from our government, working at cross-purposes to reality, effectiveness, being entertaining AT ALL, you name it.

Watch it for fun. Forget the rest.


L-Scott said...

WTF I don't know this guy at all. Not even after the video. And since when is he *MY* commie? I didn't send out for no commies, and I don't even have a commie license.

ex.contrail said...

perhaps in some way he is all our commies

no offense intended here GFK but you really phoned this one in

thats really ALL you got out of this vid?

L-Scott said...

Don't worry about it. I just checked it out and thought of another interpretation that seems pretty decent. I'll put it up here in a while.