Saturday, July 12, 2008

Terror Cells Kill Tony Snow

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Former White House press secretary Tony Snow -- who once told reporters "I'm a very lucky guy" -- died at the age of 53 early Saturday after a second battle with cancer.
Hate to see a guy meet a timetable like that.


stir.max.alot said...

this just proves the cancer was in its last throes

George F.K. said...

See, there you go again. There you go.

It's typical of the Liberal Media to focus only on the negatives. Sure, there's cancer. Cancer's messy, folks. But instead of looking at the whole picture, the Liberal Media only wants to look at how cancer kills people, to look... to look at the people it kills. If they were responsible journalists, they'd look at all the good things cancer is doing. Stop and ask yourself, "Would we even have cancer hospitals without cancer? What about all the jobs it creates?"

I think I've made my point.

L-Scott said...

If anything tells you how sad and desperate cancer is, it's that it had to kill Tony Snow. Cancer knows it can't win, so it's sticking to symbolic gestures. Like killing Tony Snow by turning his own asshole to poison death.

George F.K. said...

This is proof that we need a surge of chemotherapy drugs in Tony Snow. Sure, sure, I know what you're saying! There's no way these drugs can bring him back to life. But there's where you're wrong. What if we just give him a lot of them. You're not saying you're on cancer's side, are you?

George F.K. said...

hahaha lol@LS' post

L-Scott said...


I think we were writing that at the same time.

stir.max.alot said...

you know something? even though i jumped in on the joke and told one of my own, i sort of feel bad for telling jokes about tony. i kind of feel like we crossed the line.

we didn't mock russert's death, but we're doing this to snow? all things being equal, he's not that bad a guy

L-Scott said...

You know what? Fuck that.

I understand where you're coming from, and if you want to take it all back, that's fine. But I think you're overreacting. They're jokes. The point is to be funny first and have a real opinion later. If you ask me my real opinion on Tony Snow, it's going to get a lot deeper.

Bottom line though, he lied to America every day. He told lies, and he knew he was telling lies. It's not just his soul that changes b/c of that. It's everyone in America listening. There are people out there who are going to vote based on an opinion they have based on a lie he told. There are decisions being made on lies he told. I don't care if you want to poison your own cup, but you don't put poison in the town well. That's what he did. So if you ask me if the jokes I'm telling (which I'm telling for the LAUGH first and truth later) are OK, I'm going to tell you:

Fuck that.

B/C that shouldn't even be the quesiton. The question should be just how horrible what he did was and if it's it's low enough on the horrible scale that we ever get over it and forgive him and say "No more jokes guys."

But if you want me to make fun of Russert too, I'll make fun of Russert.

Hey, Tim. Please raise your hand if you're alive.


Thanks for making presidential debates even more brainless and simple, buddy.