Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fist pumping and totalitarianism?

am i the only one who feels like the best soviet stuff just dropped off the radar in the last 11 months???

i was looking through our old myspace posts and some of the stuff on the old board, and all the links are just dead...its like someone got to whoever uploaded them (kidding!), but doesnt it seem weird? why would interest in this die out? why would cool stuff just not be there to load? you cant find anything anymore

best example...i keyword searched about a dozen different things, and the best i could come up with was the same result over and over for one of Stalins b-day celebrations...the video doesnt show anything new, but watch it and let me get back to you

ok, is there a relationship between how un-free your nation is and how free your leader's elbows are?

all the soviets, hitler, mussolini...they look like theyre conducting an orchestra when they talk

roosevelt was never like this, and he had more central authority as president than probably anyone...except bush II...and LBJ

chavez bangs the podium too, like hes angry

the only one who doesnt flip out and get angry and who still has really unquestioned power is bush

maybe thats why he leans on the podium...folksy...throws everyone else off their game


George F.K. said...

There is a 1:1 corollary between Despotism and Podium Hatred.

The more you favor the former, the more you're going to spank the latter like a prostitute wearing a schoolgirl outfit.

L-Scott said...

I would give anything for someone to CGI Hitler, Mussolini, Kruschchev, Chavez and a bunch of other tyrants into a drum circle.

Just pounding away, playing some west african music, really grooving with each other. Then maybe someone could knock them all out with CGI'd bongs.