Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ekranoplan, Schauberger, and other funny words

ok, I'm actually posting again. (and just so you know, i'm disabling the comments because I really don't want hear it- get fucked, guys)

anyways, as you know, if there is one thing I hate more than disinformation, it's misinformation. and crap that relies on cheesy music or clips to convey stuff that is no laughing matter.

one of these things near and dear to my heart is UFOs. i'm not sure if this is the best analogy, but if there are religious ufologists, then i am of the secular variety. do i believe? yes i do. but only in UFOs of the manmade variety. sorry, you aren't going to sell me on the idea that pleiadians or reptiles gifted us with transistors and stealth tech in the 40s. it's bullshit and insulting to human ingenuity. i also hate the ancient astronaut theories advanced by assholes with the racist idea that black people couldnt figure out how to build the pyramids without the help of alien benevolence...

so back to UFOs. had most people seen an airship in the 19th century? no. must be from mars. have most people today seen a craft using a vortex turbine based on the principals of the Coanda or 'implosion' effect? no. must be from alpha centauri.

modern sightings of UFOs started in the 40s, just around the time that the nazis and soviets were beefing up their aerospace tech. that's all there is to it. and who knows who in this brave new global economy has what now.

but its worth noting the following. the soviet ekranoplan. once you get over how hot that redhead anchorgirl is, pay attention to the video.

those suckers are able to get some altitude and look at how the more recent prototypes are saucer shaped...

but going back to the 40s, i'm certain that even more impressive concepts beyond ground effect vehicles were being tinkered with. have a look at this clip. that's just a toy. Shauberger started playing with these things in the late 30s....i can only imagine what we are doing since the end of classical physics and the dawning of quantum mechanics.