Tuesday, May 13, 2008

massive quake hits china

didnt we just have one of these?

i feel horrible for the chinese people...while theres no way you can blame an earthquake on their completely fucked-up environmental policies, youve gotta think they cant be helping. you can just picture shocks like this creating mudslides due to their massive erosion, cracking deep mines, opening up crevasses that dump all kinds of shit into their groundwater

china sort of amazes me because it seems like they manage to have the fucking worst parts of statist government and gilded age style raping of everything...like, entire regions and local cultures getting wiped out for dams, hillsides washing away under erosion, then you've got everyone basically breathing the equivalent of tailpipe exhaust and working for 10 cents per day in some collapsible shithole

on the other hand, i guess i just want to make jokes like, "so this is what happens when Dragon Meets Phoenix...gotta be a lotta un-Happy Family goin around"


George F.K. said...


Well, we're partly to blame. (Not for the earthquake.) The desertification of China and the massive erosions are often responses to western demands for goods. The best example is cashmere. Remember how in the early 90s, if you wanted to buy a cashmere sweater, it cost you something like $75-$100? And now it costs maybe $40? The chinese developed a mechanical means of shearing cashmere goats, which meant that they radically ramped up cashmere production. We ate it up, and a huge new market was born. Only the problem is that the cashmere goat grazes like crazy and has pointed hooves/feet/whatever goats have that pulverize the ground under them. So they eat all the ground cover, then churn up the ground. The result is instant desert, instant mudslide potential, soil erosion, lower food production, etc. Our desire for a cute top is basically turning a huge part of china into some Okie dust bowl out of Steinbeck.

Also, everyone knows the earthquare was caused by Lei Wulong attempting the Phoenix Illusion, missing his target and striking the ground.

L-Scott said...

I heard it was because a girl dressed as a schoolgirl threw her panda into the ground too hard.

ex.contrail said...

that's japan, you dumbass

thanks for the link, gfk