Monday, May 5, 2008

human radiation experiments

totally disgusting video from a moral just killing time and trying to make the clock move fast here today, so i started skipping around youtube...i think i started with "cat playing piano" and wound up here inside 10 steps

the video is pretty low budget, and i think someones just reading a chpater from a book over it (i dont know if its his own book though, or a valid textbook)...the reader also stumbles a couple times. and the slideshow is pretty could whip this up in iPhoto and garageband pretty easy at home, almost tempted to try my hand just because i could mix this so much better but nvm

most of the stuff looks legit...the first case they open up with is elmer allen, and you can find proof of his being involved in these tests on a website, so the info is solid

i already knew about domestic radiation testing on people; i wrote an article about it in high school -- all those prisoners who got tested and experimented on without consent (iirc just because they were prisoners), pictures of them holding up their penises and showing the black scars like burned hamburgers where their balls used to be

pretty sure you guys already know all about this stuff, but it hits home hard again when you put faces and bodies to the experiments. seeing elmer is pretty depressing...

also, these pictures are pretty amazing

the fact that the military didnt even give a shit about the health of its own soldiers pretty much tells you all you need to know about how they felt about civilians


George F.K. said...

I didn't watch enough of the video to catch if they mentioned it — that guy's voice was driving me crazy, so I had to keep stopping it — but I think it was something like 250,000-400,000 American troops were directly exposed to radioactivity by their superiors. Bear in mind that this was after we had numerous first-hand accounts of the horrors at Hiroshima and Nagasaki: people going bald, sudden blindness, lesions, bleeding out of orifices, people trying to pick up other people and having their skin literally slide off their bodies. What could we have possibly learned that we didn't already know? It's not like this was a control group anyway. The science you'd get back from it would be horribly tainted.

Watching soldiers standing in front of a blast reminds me of this old footage of an American propaganda video being shot. You watch this American officer giving this passionate speech to some of the islanders from the Bikini atoll, telling them how we're doing these tests to develop weapons that can protect them from tyranny and evil, and the whole thing sounds quite sincere. And then he walks fifty feet down the beach and gives the exact same speech, note for note. And on down the beach. And down further. Just some fucking huckster swine delivering the same empty moral lecture to people whose homes his superiors are literally about to blow the motherfucking shit out of.

L-Scott said...

Hey, whatever happened to that video you bought? Arya going to do anything with it?