Thursday, December 20, 2007


i dont want to play mommy...but what gives? it's nearly christmas, and in three months of this blog, weve only got maybe a dozen posts. im not going to single out anybody because we ALL have slacked on this, but i rushed out a review and a 'mission statement' when we started, and then

we had all this STATEMENT OF PURPOSE stuff at the beginning...we defined the mission...then we didnt do anything about the mission. ive seen this too many times not to notice the symptoms. it happens all the time wiht shoot the shit and complain about how Software X doesnt do Thing Y, and so you brainstorm Software Z...then you and whoever you were talking to write up a big roadmap, maybe budget it, divvy up assignments, nail down each feature you want and then...poof.

the only work you wind up doing is planning the work you were going to do but never get around to. id hate to see that happen here, because i like talking to you guys, and not talking is getting on my nerves. dont get me wrong, though. I AM JUST AS MUCH TO BLAME. i noticed the problem and havent gotten off my ass to do anything about it either.

but i realize there might be other problems i havent noticed. so let me throw this out there:

what gives?


George F.K. said...

Hey, E.C., I got your email to head over here.

First of all, I do still check here every day, so you didn't need the email alert. :)

I noticed the same problem you did, and I don't like it any more than you do. You're right in that there was a heady rush of, "Oh, we're going to DO this thing!" and then lots of planning and no execution. That's definitely a weird human disease, and I think we're all carriers. But I think there are some other explanations for the meager amount of comments.

1. We email each other.

2. We IM each other all the time, which makes the blog less necessary. If I IM you, Max and Scott a News of the Weird article link, there's no real reason for me to post it. Especially when we all wind up IMming each others' best jokes to each other. It's really easy to talk with your friends instead of "talking with your friends in a specific project format."

3. We've known each other for quite a few years now, and I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want to bore you guys. Sometimes I think, "That's an interesting idea," but then I remember, "We talked about this in a thread two years ago, and it isn't any newer." I just don't have as much to say because I've already said it.

4. I really hate copying-and-pasting stuff. There are probably tons of longer board posts I've made that I could just paste over here, but it feels cheap to do that to round out the content. Ditto stuff like the myspace blogs. (I'd also want to rewrite those anyway, for anonymity's sake, to stay off a google keyword search.) If we're going to see them again, I want to rewrite them to make them fresh and more interesting.

5. There's not a lot to work with in terms of content. It's not like the world is producing any more Soviet Kitsch, so almost anything we talk about will be something we already talked about.

6. There's not a lot to work with, with people. It's a lot easier to have a ton of things to say on a message board. We're just four guys. We all pretty much like the same things and agree with each other. Back on the message board, we were arguing with a couple thousand people, and we disagreed with a lot of them. If you throw me into a crowd of people I disagree with, I'm going to have a lot more to say. There's less to react to and sink teeth into. And it also discourages sharing ideas in a way, because you know they're not really going to go anywhere. For example:

Me: The executive branch and the intelligence community's resistance to transparency had exceeded even Cold War levels and probably masks abuses severer than those committed during the Cold War.
You: yep
Max: Can't disagree.
Scott: H/T, GFK.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'll try harder, but I think we're all working with limited resources and in circumstances where it's easier to go back and look at stuff we already wrote or to write new stuff with instant comment possibilities, like in IM.

L-Scott said...

I can reply with five words.

The Kid. And, The Wedding.

You know pregnant women and brain chemistry, but no matter how much I argued with Cindy that trying to plan and have a wedding WHILE taking care of an infant was ludicrous, all she'd do is pat her tummy and start crying. It was mindblowing. Three years together of, "Weddings are stupid. They're a one-day party that cost as much as a car you'll own for 15 years. Let's go to Europe instead," something about pregnancy or prenatal vitamins made her think WE NEED TO BE A FAMILY RIGHT NOW.

As soon as I'm back from my honeymoon and no longer waking up every couple ours to clean up babyshit, I'll definitely post some more. Sorry about that, but I don't sleep anymore.

stir.max.alot said...

i'm glad LS and GFK posted before me, because i felt like shit pulling the "life gets in the way" and "boards are a lot easier for a short atttention span" excuse

it was just a ton easier on the boards because i don't have time to write out a 30 minute review on something. i get too distracted with work. and when i'm at home, i don't want to sit writing at a pc because that's what i have to do all day at work. usually i don't even want to SEE a computer when i get home

i know i'm slacking. i'll try to do better

(also did everyone get an email?)

George F.K. said...

Ahahaha, Max has entered the arena.

Replier of all trades, but poster of none.

ex.contrail said...

GFK, believe it or not most of that didnt occur to me. i dont remember your older pieces really well because i didnt write them personally, so it never occurred to me to be "bothered" by you reposting them. i always like reading them, so im happy to see them again. but i definitely feel you on the repeating yourself thing. i think thats part of whats holding me back on some things, but i guess i didnt think other people would have that problem

ex.contrail said...

Ahahaha, Max has entered the arena.

Replier of all trades, but poster of none.


you cannot hope to stop max's replies, you can only contain them

George F.K. said...



L-Scott said...

When the need for a new post and Max's reply-only policy clash, it's the unstoppable force meets the immovable object!!!

stir.max.alot said...

i'm just trying to post within myself

you know, not try to do too much with my posting

i'm bringing MY posting game to this. i'm not playing your posting game.

i just come out here and try to execute. EVERY DAY.

also i hate each and every one of you

with a passion

George F.K. said...

Well played, ya freakin' deadbeat, well played.