Saturday, December 22, 2007

can someone get me this for xmas????

im drooling right now; this looks so awesome

look, i know ive been bitching about posting and certain people (me) have been pissed about it but whatever...i dont have time to write now, so all youre getting is the old cut and paste. its still a post so im doing better than the rest of you guys this month

me two - you zero

Films by Jove in association with SoyuzmultFilm Studios presents

A landmark four disc Box Set

Unearthed from Moscow's legendary Soyuzmultfilm Studios (est. 1935), the 41 films in ANIMATED SOVIET PROPAGANDA span sixty years of Soviet history (1924 - 1984), and have never been available before in the U.S.

The set is divided thematically into four discs, all dealing with different subjects of the Soviet propaganda machine.

AMERICAN IMPERIALISTS (disc 1) contains seven films, almost all of which are drawn from the Cold War era. The recurring image is of the money hungry industrialist self-destructing because of his greed.

FASCIST BARBARIANS (disc 2) is a 17 film reaction to the Nazi invasion of 1941. While Americans were mocked relentlessly, at least they remained human. After breaking the non-aggression pact and declaring war, the Nazis became animals in the propaganda films, turning into snarling warthogs and depraved vultures.

CAPITALIST SHARKS (disc 3) contains six films that take on the bourgeoisie the world over - and sometimes beyond. In INTERPLANTERY REVOLUTION (1924), capitalists escaping to Mars discover the revolution has spread throughout the galaxy.

ONWARD TO THE SHINING FUTURE: COMMUNISM (disc 4) contains 11 works, most of which mythologize the state and envision the inevitable utopias of the future. Dziga Vertov's SOVIET TOYS (1924), however, offers criticism of the state. Generally agreed to be the first Russian animated film, it satirizes the communist members who cashed in on Lenin's New Economic Policy (NEP), which introduced a limited form of capitalist enterprise.


stir.max.alot said...

"me two- you zero."

Me, Max. You, greedy.

Do not wish harm!

George F.K. said...

Me no like post begging for things. Bad medicine.

(Okay, after that joke I'm off to donate to a Native American heritage foundation for Christmas.)

L-Scott said...

I will buy you absolutely anything you'd ever want in the whole world ever as long as you can promise me you have a means of taking away my child's ability to scream between the hours of midnight and six am.

George F.K. said...

Hey, man. I think I speak for everyone here when I say, "We are not going to murder your child."