Thursday, October 2, 2008

cold war, hot air

normally i call bullshit on 'swamp gas' and 'venus' type dismissals of ufo sightings...i mean i don't know the last time i saw venus change from green to orange and then bifurcate into a fleet of smaller orbs before speeding off at mach speeds in the afternoon... but anyway, i digress. my point is that in the classic gallery of culprits, the weather balloon may be plausible and probable more often than not. especially in the 50's.

see, if it wasn't greys and reptillians plotting our demise from atomic spaceballs, it was the us and the ussr doing it with balloons... not that we were trying to figure out how to rain death on each other with balloons or nuclear carrier pigeons exactly...but the us in particular was going nuts trying to understand what they were up against. the russians were, as churchill stated, "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

and so, under the guise of 'scientific research' and being 'enthusiasts of cloud photography,' we started sending out balloons over the soviet union to take pictures. this went swimmingly until the soviets started catching them with their own planes using the same hooks that we put on the balloons so that we could easily retrieve them on returning...smooth move team america. anyway, check out the article...its a bit more interesting than i care to be this evening...


L-Scott said...

When are you gonna post about your goddam video?

L-Scott said...

Also cool post, like the link.


ex.contrail said...

jesus christ dude, will you settle down?

ive been busy. i tried playing it at home, but it wouldnt work with any cameras i have, and nothing seemed to fit, so ive just held back on taking care of it. its not like i NEED any new projects right now. i mean if you want to come over and spend money hooking me up with whatever i need to play it and then screen it for me, ill be happy to tell you all about it

for now though, ill GET AROUND TO IT. cut me some freakin slack

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