Sunday, August 10, 2008

Из дневников Йона Тихого. Путешествие на интеропию.

beats me. again, i wish one of us spoke russian...feel a bit lost without the subtitles even though the gist is always apparent (capitalism bad). i just like the great insight here, move along...


L-Scott said...

Read this title as:

"Nah, Akebono. Aloha, thanks. Nywectabne ha! You the porno!"

Sumo porno - a chilling vision indeed.

George F.K. said...

Has anyone here ever made sumo soup? Apparently they eat this ridiculously tasty-looking soup that's loaded with everything in order to give them the caloric H-bomb they need every day. In spite of its being this kind of bulk food, it seems absolutely delicious.